Uglee Truth 97: Uglee Sins, Yay Sports and Vegas Songs

What relationship rules do you have? Well the Ugs have a number of number of known sins their men can commit and Producer Dub pulled one this week that drove Jamie to "tears". Also in this episode, Paula gets serviced poorly and Jamie is Vegas bound. Plus the Ugs do their best ESPN routine with some sports commentary as only they can do it and, of course, their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Enjoy and share!

Uglee Truth 96: Dub’s Hangover, Same Sex Attraction and Stray Cats

The Uglee Truth sisters are back with an all new episode where Jamie admits she has a dark side and shares the details of Producer Dub's long day of wine "tasting". Meanwhile Paula is knee deep in her trashy TV including her latest guilty pleasure, My Husband is Not Gay. Plus the Ugs, once again, have great Uglee and Awkward Moments to tell you about involving inappropriate pajamas and Cards Against Humanity. We hope you enjoy the show and share it with your friends and enemies!

Uglee Truth 95: Baby Fever, Armpit Hair and Tech Anxiety

Strap yourselves in for this all new episode of the Uglee Truth because the Ugs will have you laughing from start to finish. From cures for baby fever and questions about man-scaping to UFC ass kickings and cell phone fears... Episode 95 is jammed packed with Uglee fun. Plus, a couple of epic Uglee and Awkward Moments to wrap it all up. Thanks for downloading and sharing. Enjoy the show!

Uglee Truth 94: New Year’s Eve, New Celeb Changes & New Trash TV

Paula is back as she and Jamie celebrate the beginning of 2015 with an all new episode filled with new things like what the Uglees did to ring in the new year and new discoveries such as a secret Paula learned about her son. Plus, there were plenty of new celebrity relationship status changes over the holidays to dicuss and the Ugs are really looking forward to a new slate of trash TV to enjoy. Thanks for starting your new year with The Uglee Truth.

Uglee Truth 93: Uglee Gathering, Ryan Adams and the Sony Hack

Jamie asks Producer Dub (aka her husband) to sit in for Paula (aka sickest girl in the world) so expect some funny spousal back and forth. To set the tone you'll learn the tale of the curling iron versus the fish taco and why Jamie hates Dub's XBox. And that's just the beginning. It's been a busy week where ALL FOUR Ug sisters gathered together, Dub and Jamie went to see Ryan Adams in San Francisco and some Uglee consipiracy theories are formed around the Sony hack . Download and listen before the Christmas Story marathon starts!

Uglee Truth 92: Dicken’s Faire, Real vs. Fake and Cop Encounters

Like you, the Ugs are in the holiday spirit with Jamie and Producer Dub exploring a Victorian Christmas fair and, briefly, considering a return in costume. Meanwhile Paula sets up her plastic tree despite having a fantasy about the tree farm "lumberjack". Plus, Jamie has quite a few stories to tell about her encounters with the po-po and Paula finds out Leo is back on the market. All this an more await you on an all new Uglee Truth!

Uglee Truth 91: South Paw Switch, Cripple Zone & Vagina Steams

The Ugs are back after a week of giving thanks with their families and they have so many things to catch up on. From Jamie's sudden switch to using her left hand to Paula's Good Samaritan act. No, you read that correctly... an Ug did something nice for someone else. Plus the latest beauty trends including arm pit hair coloring and vagina steams. Don't miss out on all the water cooler talk tomorrow... download and listen to an all new episode of The Uglee Truth.

Uglee Truth Thanksgiving Leftovers 2014

The Uglee Truth is so thankful for your support. We are grateful for the time you take to listen to our show each week. And Jamie and Paula wish you and your family best wishes for Turkey Day.

So, while there's no new episode this week, Producer Dub wanted to share a few of the show's "leftovers" or, as we like to call them, Uglee Cuts. These are clips and outtakes that don't make the finished shows but are still funny and/or inappropriate. Normally the only way to hear them is with our exclusive Uglee Truth App. In fact, maybe this little taste will encourage you to put the app in your stocking! Thanksgiving!

Uglee Truth 90: Therapists, Reno Weekend Recap and Bill Cosby

Do all therapists get their office decorations from the same store? Is it normal for a hotel room to smell like Aqua Velva? Will Jamie ever learn not to wear new heels to a public event? These are the deep, burning questions that get answered in this all new episode of The Uglee Truth. Plus, the Ugs share some of the many stories that came out of their weekend in Reno with the Mike O'Meara Show crew. We hope you enjoy and share #90!

Uglee Truth 89: Dub’s Cold, Denim in the ER and Kim’s Oily Ass

In this all new episode of The Uglee Truth Jamie deals with an ill husband-slash-producer and, in a seperate incident, has emergency room people-watching tales to tell including her own bad fashion choice for the ambulance ride. Meanwhile, the other Ug struggles with birthday ideas for her son and reacts to more Celeb News Paula Probably Doesn't Know. Plus the Uglees have a take on Kim K's slippery crack photo shoot and epic Uglee and Awkward Moments to wrap up the show. Download, listen and laugh!

Uglee Truth 88: Deaf Games, Ear Candling and Celebrity Apprentice

This week's show opens with Jamie recalling one of the more insensitive childhood games she created and Paula has an epic toilet-related, awkward moment... at Jamie's house of all places. Then the Ugs share tales of their kids' poo adventures, random illness remedies from their Facebook friends and, of course, reality TV news including the Uglee take on the cast of the next Celebrity Apprentice. Enjoy the show and get your friends and enemies on the Uglee Truth bandwagon!

Uglee Truth 87: Dating Rules, Boob Squishing & Duggar Nuptials

This week on an all new Uglee Truth, the Ugs share rules for dating, wig wearing and  successful trick or treating (hint: drive to the rich neighborhood). Plus, Jamie has a close encounter with a chihuahua while making her mammogram appointment and Paula discovers another horrible reality TV show. Of course, that leads to a discussion about polygamy and the Duggars... of course. Enjoy and share the show today and thanks for listening as always!

Uglee Truth 86: Dub’s Staycation, First Jobs & Theme Park Drinking

For this all new episode of The Uglee Truth, Producer Dub is on a staycation and it's throwing off Jamie's groove. Plus the Ugs share stories of their very first places of employment including heroic actions and janitorial training. Then Jamie and Dub drink themselves through a theme park visit and Paula gives us a costume update. Enjoy the show, share the Truth and have a great Halloween!

Uglee Truth 85: Scary Stories, Little People and Man Crushes

In this all new episode of The Uglee Truth, your favorite unfiltered sisters recall actual scary stories from their childhood and Jamie has an early morning war with a bug in her bed. Plus, the Ugs chat about a few upcoming TV shows - which leads to a previously unshared story about Ugs vs. Little People as well as their secret (and surprising) man crushes. Enjoy the show!

Uglee Truth 83: Jamie’s Rifle, Dub 101 & Celeb Hating

In this new episode, Paula needs a pinch hitter for one more week so Jamie reluctantly pulls in Producer Dub again to sub for her. For the first segment, she tries to convince her producer/husband that she needs her own firearm. Then Jamie decides to introduce you to the man behind the Uglee Truth with a Q&A session that includes the forbidden "do you think I look fat" inquiry. Last but not least, Mr. & Mrs. Ug share some sports news and celeb gossip! Download and enjoy today!

Uglee Truth 82: Plane Porn, iHeartRadio Vegas & Yay Sports

Paula sits one out for Episode 82 but fear not... Jamie and Producer Dub just returned from their Vegas getaway to the iHeartRadio Music Festival and have plenty of stories to share... mostly about each other. From fellow plane passengers to after-party celebrity sightings, there were plenty of funny moments to review and - of course - some Uglee & Awkward moments.

Uglee Truth 81: Vegas Baby, Migraine Masturbation & Miss America

What's this? A new episode of The Uglee Truth dropping on a Thursday? That's right... Producer Dub and Jamie are headed to Vegas and the iHeartRadio Music Festival so the Ugs wanted to jam as much hilarity as possible into a min-Episode 81. So... listen in as Jamie talks about her upcoming sin-city plans, Paula asks for advice on getting rid of her migraines and the Ug sisters recap their annual Miss America judge-fest. Download and enjoy!



Uglee Truth 80: Messy Buns, Couples Skate & Arranged Marriages

This is one of those episodes that leaves no dought that the Ugs are actual sisters. It begins with them wondering if Producer Dub has gotten "too big for his britches" then they gallop through topics ranging from roller skating memories to PMS makeup challenges. And in true sibling form, by the time they get to their Uglee & Awkward Moment stories, they begin to turn on each other. Download Episode 80 today... and thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 79: Joan Rivers, Naked Selfies & Cooking Shows

Don't let the first week of NFL football keep you from your weekly dose of the Uglee Truth. Download this new episode where the Ugs disucss everything from the passing of Joan Rivers to their own experiences with nude selfies. Plus Jamie and Paula talk a little TV including the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and the downfall of the Food Network. And, as always, the Ugs share their Uglee & Awkward moments of the week. Enjoy the show and don't forget to share!