Uglee Cuts 138

If you listened to the latest episode, you know that the Ugs are taking this coming week off from The Uglee Truth to enjoy Thanksgiving. But that's not stopping us from dropping Uglee Cuts 138. We hope you enjoy this 30 extra minutes of Uglee!

Plus, for the very first time on #UgleeCuts, Jamie and Paula kept recording AFTER the show ended so you get to hear more behind the scenes and random chatter including their guilty pleasures and why they sleep naked.

Uglee Truth 138: Catfishing, Vagina Infections and Life Insurance

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Ugs try and STUFF as much funny as they can into this episode of the Uglee Truth. From Jamie's bird dreams to Paula's post UFC fight analysis. Then the ladies share their take on the Sister Wives cat fishing scandal, Charlie Sheen's HIV news. vaginal issues and so much more. Of course there's Uglee and Awkward MOTW too so download and listen now! And don't forget... it's the season of sharing so share the Uglee Truth with your friends!

Uglee Cuts 137

Bloopers and bonus clips from last week's episode 137 including Gwen & the Nanny, Duggar baby talk and Paula's virgin story! Enjoy our #UgleeCuts and thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 137: Hotel Expectations, Trump Sex and Ugly Nannies

Your favorite sisters have another week's worth of laughs and Ug-adventures to share with you including Jamie's efforts to surprise Producer Dub with a trip to Alaska and Paula considers whether she'd do Trump for money. Plus the Ugs catch up on some of their favorite trashy TV shows and discuss why they'd never hire attractive help. We hope you enjoy this week's episode! Share it with your friends.

Uglee Cuts 136

Some leftovers and edits from last week's episode including when Jamie takes a phone call during the show plus some more crotch smelling comedy bits. Yes, you read that right. #VictoriasSecret

Uglee Truth 136: Dilated Pupils, Smelly Secrets and Love on The Voice

This week on the show the Ugs discuss Aunt Flo and bad Halloween candy. Plus Jamie makes a blinding visit to the eye doctor followed by a smelly visit to one of her favorite stores. Then Paula explains why she's already done hearing about the latest romance on #TheVoice and has her Uglee and Awkward Moment of the Week in sight of her pawn store crush. Enjoy another hilarious episode of the #UgleeTruth and share it with your friends!

Uglee Cuts 135

Some bonus clips and edits from the most recent #UgleeTruth for you listening pleasure. Bits on bad driving, last minute costume plans and more. Thanks for the download!

Uglee Truth 135: Mechanical Bulls, Sweaty Men and Shower Sex

On this week's episode of the Uglee Truth, Paula and her family do the biggest little city in the world in style and Jamie learns the finer points of mall dating. Plus the Ugs recall some hilarious encounters with men who suffer from glandular problems and, in an unrelated discussion, describe the do's and dont's of shower sex. It's another funny-filled Uglee Truth... we hope you enjoy and share with the world around you.

Uglee Truth 134: Amy Schumer, Paula’s Date and Full-Size Candy Bars

Thanks to Paula we had to record Episode 134 twice but that's ok cause this version is much funnier than the first take. For example... a chat about #AmySchumer's new #HBO special leads to some raunchy Ug sex talk - which is always fun and informative - then Paula gets sweaty lips during her "date". Plus the Uglees talk first concerts, #Halloween plans and - of course, their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Enjoy and share the #UgleeTruth!

Uglee Truth 133: The Wedding, Hole Licking and Lamar

The Ugs are back from a week off to enjoy the wedding of Producer Dub's daughter with many laughs and tears to share from a very special day. And don't ask how Jamie and Paula manage to transition from a celebration of love to a debate about if it's ok to like a guy's asshole. Just accept that this is what the Uglee Truth podcast is all about and enjoy the ride. Plus the Ug take on Lamar Odom and their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week (FYI: Jamie's was at the wedding rehearsal).

Uglee Cuts 132

Just a few extra #UgleeCuts this week but, the Ugs did go a full 5 minutes before they "started" the show because Paula went off on a dog shit tangent. It's a funny story, you should listen.

Uglee Truth 132: Dress Shopping, Church Stalkers and Nature Hikes

This week the Uglees are shopping for the right dresses to wear to Producer Dub's daughter's wedding... and it's no easy task. Plus Jamie has an uncomfortable encounter people from her mom's church and Paula contemplates whether to go on a nature hike field trip or not. And, of course, the Uglee and Awkward Moments of the week are epic with Paula at Hobby Lobby and Jamie at the Homecoming Game. Listen and enjoy!

Uglee Cuts 131

Who wants an extra half hour of Uglee? Here's some bonus content and bloopers from episode 131 including more Truth about bridal showers, boobs and barbie dolls. Enjoy and watch for an all new episode this coming weekend!

Uglee Truth 131: Choir Boys, Kissing Parents and Jamie Stains

This week on the #UgleeTruth Paula goes a little too far when the U.S. visit from the #Pope inspires her to discuss her love of catholic choirs. Meanwhile, Jamie recaps the bridal shower she threw for her step-daughter. Keep in mind ALL of the Ugs - including the Queen - were there so anything could happen. Plus the perils of dress shopping and the fashion trend that will soon be sweeping the nation... Jamie Stains. We hope you enjoy and share the show!

Uglee Cuts 130

Some funny edits and extra goodies from episode 130 including some #UgleeTruth about the #GOPDebate and the premiere of #DancingWithTheStars... which was basically like watching the same thing!

Uglee Truth 130: Party Planning, Quality Porn & Plate Licking

The Ugs cover a wide range of topics in this all new episode of the #UgleeTruth. From planning a bridal shower to sharing the characteristics of quality porn. Plus Jamie shows her patriotism at a high school football game and Paula reviews the #MasterChef finale and #DancingWithTheStars premiere. And, of course, their Uglee and Awkward Moments  including Paula's make-good from last week. Please download the show and don't forget to share the Truth!

Uglee Cuts 129

It's been a little busy this week at the Truth so Producer Dub is behind on his duties. But you reap the benefits with TWO posts today. First up, edits and bloopers from last week's Episode 129 (#UgleeCuts) and, posting soon, an all new Episode 130. It truly is going to be an #UgleeSunday.

Uglee Truth 129: MasterChef Fail, Fantasy Football and The Penis

The theme for this week's episode is disgust. The Ugs are disgusted with how their favorite #MasterChef, Nick Nappi, was denied his shot at the finale... disgusted with a bug invasion... disgusted with having to clean the kitchen after their man does the cooking... disgusted by what guys would do with it if they had a #19inchPenis... you get the idea. Plus, #BreakingNews, did Paula have a week without an Uglee and Awkward Moment? You'll have to listen to find out!