Uglee Truth 174: Back to School Night, Olympic Periods and Walking Waikiki

On this week's episode of the Uglee Truth, Jamie has a new wildlife battle at home and Paula sits in small desks to hear what her kids will be learning in school.

Plus the Ugs have their take on #LochteGate and other Olympic drama. And Jamie adds one more vacation story detailing her adventures on the shores of Waikiki Beach involving everything from a literal foot path to Captain Owen Wilson.

As always, you'll also get their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. Think of them like the prize at the bottom of the cereal box! Thanks for listening H-Ugs!


Uglee Cuts 173

In #173 of The Uglee Truth you heard about Paula's back to school nightmare and Jamie's Hawaiian vacation. Believe it or not, you didn't hear everything. I mean, c'mon, you didn't think Jamie could be on a plane... with other people... for a total of 10 hours and not have a couple run-ins right? ;)

Here's 45 minutes of cuts and extras from last week's episode. Enjoy and stay tuned for an all new show dropping this Sunday!

Uglee Truth 173: Laying Pipe, School Traffic and Hawaiian Horses

The Ugs are back from a weeklong vacation and oh the stories they have to share. From Paula's nightmarish first day of school to Jamie's horse adventures on the shores of Hawaii... you don't want to miss this episode.

So saddle up for a fun ride - and a couple of the funniest Uglee and Awkward Moments you've every heard - on this week's episode of The Uglee Truth!

PS - You won't want to miss this week's Uglee Cuts (posting Wednesday) to hear more hilarious stories of the annoying fellow travelers Jamie and Producer Dub encountered while on vacation!

Uglee Cuts 171 and 172

SURPRISE! If you're caught up on your episodes, you know the Ugs are on vacation this week. But that doesn't mean we don't have something new for ya. Here's a double shot of Uglee Cuts from the last two shows including over 45 minutes of edits and bonus content topics not heard in the original episodes. Thanks for listening and watch for an all new episode next week with plenty of stories from Jamie's trip to Hawaii (Teaser...  she swam in the ocean AND rode a horse).

Uglee Truth 172: Greeting Cards, Beaches and Sadistic Siblings

Your favorite podcast sisters are in their usual hilarious form again this week when Jamie, in preparation for her and Producer Dub's anniversary, is frustrated by the lack of good greeting cards - but she knows just what to do about it. Plus the Ugs wonder how the upcoming Lifetime remake of the movie Beaches will turn out.

Then, right before some outrageous Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week, Paula shares a Buzzfeed list of the things siblings do to each other and it spurs some ridiculously funny (and sadistic) sister memories of their own. 

Download and listen today! Thanks H-Ugs.

Uglee Truth 171: Favorite Flicks, Viral Vengeance and Kanye’s Crazy

This week on the Uglee Truth, Jamie and Paula share their favorite TV shows and movies that came from the mind of Garry Marshall who passed away this week. Plus the Ugs discuss how they would dispense their own brand of justice if someone tried to go viral with body shaming pics a'la Dani Mathers.

And, of course, you had to know the Uglees would have a take on the Kanye-Taylor-Kim incident (aka PR stunt). All this plus Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week are ready to be laughed at when you listen to this episode. Thanks for downloading us!

Uglee Cuts 170

The show after one of the Ugs has been on vacation is always longer than an hour so this episode of Uglee Cuts is more like bonus content than actual screw ups and edits. Although those are in there too.

Enjoy these Uglee "eextras" while you wait for a new episode to drop on Sunday! Thanks of listening.

Uglee Truth 170: Fished Out, Emmy Noms and Sex Scenes

The youngest Ug is back from vacation and the planets have realigned for this all new episode of the Uglee Truth. Of course, Paula has adventurous tales to share from the great outdoors. Plus Jamie talks about some of the shows that have been nominated (or snubbed) for this year's Emmys. And that, not surprisingly, leads to a discussion about how the Ugs would handle their own sex scenes behind.

All this, some Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week and more can be yours for the the low, low price of FREE! Just download the show today and don't forget to share the Truth with your friends.

Uglee Cuts 169

Extras and edits from our last episode with Jamie and her husband, Producer Dub, filling in for Paula. Includes an entire segment that was not in the show on the pros and cons of marriage. It was cut because Producer Dub didn't "bring the funny".

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth 169: Pokemon Go, Hairdresser Envy and Porn Balls

This week on The Uglee Truth, Jamie's husband (aka Producer Dub) sits in for Paula and they talk about UFC 200 as well as their new obsession, the Pokemon Go mobile game. Plus, Jamie is a little jealous because she thinks their mutual hairdresser likes Dub more.

And then, stay tuned for two of the most epic Uglee and Awkward Moments you'll ever hear... especially from a non-Ug.

Enjoy the show and don't forget to tell your friends all about the Uglee Truth!

Uglee Cuts 168

More Olympics, more Ray Donovan and, best of all, more UG! Here are the edits and extras from the last show. Thanks for listening!

Uglee Truth 168: Dick Pics, Olympic Trials and Backyard BBQs

On this episode of the Uglee Truth, Paula's encounter with a SnapChat stalker leads to a discussion about the mysterious appeal of dick pics. Plus the Ugs are getting excited for the Summer Olympics and Jamie shares a story of her track and field talents.

And, on this week's Uglee and Awkward Moments segment, Paula get's political at a family BBQ and Jamie is a bad friend... a really, really bad friend.

We hope you enjoy the show. Don't forget to share with your friends!

Uglee Cuts 167

This edition of Uglee Cuts is more like bonus content than edits because the Ugs talked a lot more about the #MasterChef wedding episode Jamie was in! Really funny stuff from behind the scenes. PLUS... does Paula have a SnapChat stalker? Listen to find out!

Uglee Truth 167: MasterChef Cameo, Parent Guilt & Bug Stories

This week on the Uglee Truth... Jamie can finally talk about her behind-the-scenes experiences on the episode of #MasterChef that just aired on Fox and Paula is dealing with some parent guilt in her own "go to 7-11" kind of way.

Plus the Ugs talk Finding Dory, give us a couple funny bug stories and, of course, share great Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week involving a case of mistaken identity and a scene from The Birds.

Enjoy and share the show!

Uglee Truth 166: Orlando, Movie Days and Household Changes

The Ugs open this week's show by sharing their feelings on the recent tragedy in Orlando. 

Then, on to happier things, Paula talks about her frustrations with her kids' final days of the school year and then she has a big announcement about a new addition to her household.

Speaking of household changes, Jamie is both happy and sad as her son moves out on his own. Plus, after some hilarious Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week, she has a special announcement of her own. Will Jamie be on a reality show this week? Listen to find out!


Uglee Cuts 165

Nearly 20 minutes of extras and producer edits. Speaking of which, if you notice the cuts  from Episode 165 were the Ugs griping about Producer Dub... that was not by accident! ;)

Uglee Truth 165: Sick Man, Dentist Diva and Perverted Bartender

Our show title this week sounds like the start of a really funny "walk into a bar" joke!

While that may not be the case we assure you this episode of the Uglee Truth is hilarious. This week the Ugs lament on what it's like to deal with an ill member of the opposite sex plus Jamie acts like a diva at the dentist office and Paula's taken up a new hobby. And wait 'til you hear this week's Uglee and Awkward Moments where it has taken Paula over a decade to realize she got duped by a bartender and Jamie nearly destroys a work of art. 

Enjoy the show and thanks for sharing it!

Uglee Truth 164: Puppy Eyes, Vagina Trends and Porn Store Shopping

On this week's episode of The Uglee Truth - after Jamie recounts another interesting visit to the vet - your favorite sisters share the latest trends with the all-powerful vagina including free-bleeding, high tech tampons and Yoni massage.

Plus Jamie and Producer Dub visit the Adult Store, Paula goes fishing and - of course - the Ugs' Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week are on point! Thanks for listening and laughing with us every week. Don't forget to share the show!