Uglee Truth 237: Uber Odors, Husky Hijinx and Emo Parents

Paula is out sick this week so Jamie has to pull Producer Dub (aka her husband) into the hot seat for this episode. Having just returned from a trip to the bright light of LA, we have plenty of travel stories (and smells) to share.

Plus, some changes in our household have us both feeling a little emotional and older than we really are. Thanks for listening, sharing the show AND shopping in our Uglee Mall for the holidays!

Uglee Truth 236: Turkey Tales, Tree Trimmings and Workplace Wieners

After a short holiday break, your favorite podcast sisters are back to share their turkey day stories. Plus, Jamie tells Paula all about the ridiculously huge Christmas tree Producer Dub had to have.

Then, after their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week, the Ugs chat a little bit about why some men feel the need to display their dicks at work. Thanks for listening to another week of the Uglee Truth!


Uglee Truth: Our Favorite Things 2017

Happy Holidays from your favorite podcasting sisters. For the first time ever, the Ugs want to share some of their favorite gift ideas.

So listen to this special episode and then visit our UGLEE MALL for links to buy the ones from the episode - plus a few more. And you'll be supporting the Uglee Truth at the same time! 

We're thankful for you H-Ugs. Love, Jamie, Paula & Producer Dub

Uglee Cuts 234

A little extra content from the last episode including more on Pets and Penises plus a little bonus UFC chatter. Thanks for listening to our funny sister ramblings!

Uglee Truth 234: Pet Trauma, Getting Old and Masturbating Men

After a funny chat about eye freckles, your Uglee sisters get right into the show this week to talk about Jamie's tear-filled experience at the vet clinic. Then a hilarious discussion about their vanity and getting old and, of course, you know they couldn't pass up all the stories of men whipping it out when they're not supposed too.

Plus a deja vu Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week before they wrap. Thanks for listening and sharing the Uglee Truth with your fellow podcast friends.

Uglee Truth 233: Full Size Bars, Sleepovers and Spacey

This week on the Uglee Truth, Jamie is so excited about her trick-or-treater turnout and Paula is nervous about hosting their first sleepover birthday party. Plus the Ugs share their take on the sexual harassment  claims rolling through Hollywood and - of course - share their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week.

Thanks for listening and sharing the show! Love you H-Ugs!

Uglee Cuts 230

10 minutes of extra Uglee Truth to get you through until Sunday's new episode! Including a feline interruption and other pussy items.

Uglee Cuts 230

10 minutes of extra Uglee Truth to get you through until Sunday's new episode! Including a feline interruption and other pussy items.

Uglee Cuts 229

Remember in last week's episode (229) when you had THREE Ug sisters on the same show? You didn't think they only did an hour's worth of The Uglee Truth did you?

Uglee Truth 229: Pinky Poo, Spy Kids & Cake Eaters

Adding just one more Ug to the equation always takes The Uglee Truth to another level of funny. Listen now as Jamie, Paula and Stephanie help you escape the bad news and sad feelings around the world with a barrage of funny stories from some hilarious sisters.

Whether its dirty sex, high-tech cameras or solo sweet eating - nothing is off limits when it comes to the Uglees. But you already knew that. Thanks for listening and don't forget to share the show with your friends - they could use a comedy escape too!


Uglee Cuts 228

Dropping #UgleeCuts and a brand new episode today. You'll need this quick, ten-minute warm up to prepare you for the next show (Ep. 229) where THREE Ug sisters take the mic.