Uglee Truth 326: Coughing, Creed and Car Fires

The Ugs are back from an eventful Thanksgiving Week off that had Jamie dealing with her ailing husband, Producer Dub, and Paula contending with her indecisive teenager on his birthday. And that's just the beginning of a week filled with a whole lot of life! Plus, they've got some Thanksgiving-themed HUglee and Awkward Moments to share. Welcome back H-Ugs and thanks for listening.

Uglee Truth 325: Escape Plans, Puberty Parties and Rare Disorders

The fires in California create the need to purchase masks (Jamie had to find a "cute" one) and discuss emergency escape plans. Plus, Paula's oldest is officially becoming a teen with puberty in full swing when it comes to making birthday plans. And then the Ugs share pregnancy problems and their family's ability to have rare medical issues. So "stuff" yourself with all kinds of funny and download this episode! Thanks for listening. #HappyThanksgiving

Uglee Truth 324: 90 Years, Hostile Bees and Marathon Proposals

On this episode, Jamie attends an amazing 90th birthday party and the Ugs share stories of mimosa chasing bees, unacceptable proposals and they throw in some big boob problems for good measure. Because, why not? Plus, a Vegas edition of some H-Uglee and Awkward Moments to wrap things up. Listen now and laugh with us. Thanks for hanging with the #SistersWhoPodcast.

Uglee Truth 322: Ugs in Vegas Part 1

Your favorite #SistersWhoPodcast survived Sin City. Barely. As you can imagine there were just too many Uglee and Awkward Moments during their sister-getaway to Las Vegas to fit into one episode. So let's get this party started!

Uglee Truth 321: Check Ups, Red Dead and Pillow Fights

Producer Dub fills in for Paula on this episode as he - and his wife (host of the Uglee Truth podcast) - discuss last minute preparations for their sister-weekend jaunt to Las Vegas. Which, by the way, is something Producer Dub is struggling with - but he plans to pass the time alone with the hottest new video game. Plus, a funny Ug story about Cabbage Patch Dolls and and weaponized pillows from back in the early days. Thanks so much for listening.